Lazy days………I love lazy days at home with nothing important to do but listen to the kids play and visit with my friend. We had a sleepover last night with my best friend Jen and her 2 kids and it was wonderful, the 5 kids played so well together and were so good while we visited and vegged out on the couch watching movies (well I watched movies, she fell asleep 🙂 but I am used to it). Spent the morning eating donuts (my favorite) and doing NOTHING else important. It was great!! Now this evening Mady went to Nana’s and Mason has a friend over so Myleigh has resorted to playing with the dogs…….I don’t know that Logan was too happy about it, but he didn’t get up and leave her. Good dog Logie bear!

Logan is a 5 year old GoldenDoodle, he is a great family dog and doesn’t shed!!