I first met Merritt as a newborn, about a week old, and was so excited when his parents decided to sign up for the Dimples to Darlings package and come back every 3 months for me to photograph and watch him grow and change from a squishy little sleepy newborn to a cake smashing and on the go 1 year old! Well he came back last week for his 3 month session and was full of big ol’ gummy smiles and some cute little spit bubbles, he did not disappoint for this session with all of his expressions at just 3 months old!

Here he is as a squishy sleepy newborn when we first met and then now as an alert and smiling 3 month old




I really adore doing milestone sessions, I used to find 3 months so challenging but they are quickly becoming some of my favorites……not the easiest but the end results are so cute and at 3 months they are still so cuddly and I get to steal some baby snuggles and lets be honest the snuggles make this job over the top perfect!!! I can’t wait to watch Merritt go through so many milestones his first year from rolling to sitting to crawling (probably in the opposite direction of where I want him to be) and then standing and walking (hopefully not running away from me!). What a fun year this will be!!