Wow! That is the only thing I can say about it. I can’t believe that I own my own photography business and that it is so successful in such a short period of time. I don’t know how many of you have ever read my “about me” section of my website, but photography is not something that I dreamed of doing as I grew up and not anything I knew that I was good at or had an eye for. My dream growing up was to be a Mom, and maybe a school teacher. Well thankfully I am blessed enough to have 4 healthy children but thank goodness for everyone that I changed the school teacher part, because after dealing with the first 4 years of school with Madyson and Mason I think I can honestly say that I’d be a HORRIBLE teacher.

I think it is funny how things happen in ones life that leads them down different paths and how if one little thing was different or hadn’t happened how very different ones life could be. I often think about the different things in my life that happened that got me to where I am now. Some big things that I know changed the direction of my adult life were, accepting a job as a waitress at the Olive Garden and not Applebee’s because this is where I met my husband and also where I met a girl who was going to school for Respiratory Therapy which is in turn what I went to school for. Then the death of our first son who was born too early at 23 weeks, for without this horrible tragedy happening I never would have cherished the simplest things in life and looked at life the way I do which I think has a big effect on my photography style. I also wouldn’t have the children I do now without my son Ethan letting us know that I had an incompetent cervix and in turn saving the lives of his siblings. The next big thing that changed the direction of my life and got me onto the path that I am on now was my daughter Myleigh and taking her to a photographer who was starting out, seeing her set up and talking with her for that short time is what got me interested in pursuing this journey. And another BIG piece of my journey into photography was my first mentor and friend (who I met in the NICU when my twins were in there), Amanda Sardella of ERAS photography who helped me get started, she pointed me in the right direction, told me where to go to learn all I could about my camera and getting my business off the ground. So many things that when I think about it I could have easily made another decision and my whole life would be different, and I just can’t imagine it being any better than it is so I am so glad that GOD pushed me down those paths, because doing this job and meeting so many wonderful people, clients and friends fills my heart with joy.

Ok, enough of my rambling already. To thank you all I wanted to do a little give away, and I wanted it to be a good one for everyone of my fans whether you are another photographer, a prop supplier, a client or a friend. I figure you all must love photography as much as I do if you are a fan of a photography page so a frame would be a perfect gift. These frames are made by my father and a couple of his Amish friends, and they are beautiful. I have them hanging in my studio and all of my clients LOVE them! This frame is 11×14 and can be painted any color! To enter you just need to leave a comment below and on Sunday at 7:00 I will draw for the winner. And if you are a past client of mine I will also include a print in the frame!!! Good luck and thank you all for your support, your wonderful comments, and for all of the referrals!