I missed last nights post due to the FLU 🙁 Sorry if any of you were looking for it, I was in bed by 8:00 and spent most of the day on the couch.

Today was a much better day, thank goodness. I spent the day with my family and doing a little bit of work….a fun little maternity session. This evening we had some great friends come over and hang out while the kids played and we ate pizza and watched a movie. During intermission (putting in the second movie) I went into the kitchen to get some ice cream (yummy) and found the boys playing army men. I had to watch them for a few minutes because they were so cute, the imagination of a child is absolutely priceless. It’s funny how I remember vividly playing house and barbies yet to sit and play with the girls now……I just can’t do it. I mean I can but I just feel silly and at a loss for what to do or say, it’s a little awkward. Does this make me a bad mom??? I wish my childhood imagination hadn’t left, it was fun and I miss it.

Here is a picture of the boys playing, my wish for them is a never ending imagination!