Well everyone seemed to love the picture of Logan yesterday so I thought it only fair to share our baby Bella tonight. Bella is our 3 year old yorkie, she is a big baby but we love her. Of course she is named after Bella from Twilight, I was saving Renesme for our daughter but that got vetoed (pretty quick). There is a rather funny story behind Bella…….You see growing up we always had bigger dogs and I always kinda hated little ones and thought they were just yippie little things. Well about 10 years ago my parents got the cutest little yorkie (who I now refer to as the porkie yorkie) CeeJay, and when my dad told me they were getting her I told him he was a sucker and couldn’t believe he let my mom talk him into a little dog! Well you couldn’t help but love her, she was so cute and she smiled so that alone melted your heart. I was hooked, I liked little dogs! And then when I lost my baby Ethan she would cuddle up with me and I loved her snuggles and from that moment on I wanted my own little snuggly CeeJay, so I finally talked my parents into breeding their puppy so I could have my puppy. Now not only do I have a CeeJay puppy but my parents do too, she only had 2 live puppies and my mom couldn’t sell the other one so she ended up keeping Sami Sue, and though not so smart she too is cute.

Here is my Bella!