Home Sweet Home! So I was told I really disappointed last night with my picture, so I tried my best to do better today…..and what better way than a picture of me back home with my family. Long day of traveling back to COLD Ohio today, but am glad to be safe on the ground! My plane ride from Baltimore to Columbus was SCARY, way too much turbulence for me. I am glad the plane didn’t just start rolling in the air and crash to the ground because with all the wind that’s what it felt like it was going to do. It was headed to Vegas after it dropped me off in Columbus and I am thinking that all of those passengers should bet big because it is their lucky day!

Am so happy to be back home with the kids, although they have their grandma here right now so they aren’t really caring that I am home. They are more concerned about how much longer she can stay….guess that will give me plenty of time to play with my new pictures and Lightroom (which I just installed).

My picture for day 29 (can you believe I have kept it up? I can’t!)