UGH! I meant to post earlier but I was drug into lay down with Myleigh until she fell asleep! She has been glued to my side since I got back from my weekend in Florida. I don’t think she liked me being gone very much and is now punishing me with NO privacy or time to do anything but hold her and play with her. She sat on my lap all day while I edited and answered emails. So my image today was going to be her and I glued together in the mirror….but then Madyson really wanted me to take her picture at dance class, so that won. Madyson loves dance and has been taking it up at All Ohio Shine for 3 years now. This year she is in Rock Pom and loves that she gets to dance with pom poms. I had a picture of her with her coach, Nikki but I don’t think Nikki was a fan of being on my blog tonight so Mady chose this one.

Day 30