I am running out of time, did you all think I forgot??? It’s been a busy weekend down in Jacksonville for me, I just finished up with a wedding workshop with the amazing Julie Paisley. I had a blast and learned a lot about weddings, now I am ready to meet some brides……who wants to go first???!!!! I am now back at the hotel and for the first time I think ever, staying all by myself away from home! This is kinda weird, but I might just enjoy the quiet peacefulness of the night. I am reading The Hunger Games and enjoying a cold Diet Coke……need the caffeine to stay awake and finish this book. I am addicted…to both Diet Coke and this book 😉 If anyone is looking for a great book I highly recommend The Hunger Games, it is fabulous! Well I must get back to my reading, but keep an eye on my page the next couple of days for some awesome images of some beautiful Brides! Thank you Julie Paisley Photography for such an amazing weekend and thanks to all of the Talented and Wonderful new friends I have made for being so sweet and nice. Love you all and I can’t wait to meet up again.

This is my night tonight!

Day 28