Today was our first full day in Florida, it was so nice to wake up to the sun! For our family activity of the day today we went into Ft.Myers to Manatee Park to see the manatees up close and personal. It was a cheap ($3 for the car) and wonderful experience. I have many pictures to show of our time there….

Day 15

While we were there we walked the manatee trail along the canal and there were a ton of butterfly’s, which is one of Madyson’s favorite things! At home the kids love to run through the hay fields in the spring, summer and fall and catch as many butterfly’s as they can and put them in their butterfly houses for the day. And then they release them and do it all over again the next day! This butterfly was a favorite for both kids, they loved the stripes.

As we were walking Myleigh kept trying to get away from us and run towards the playground area….this was one of the pictures I took of them coming back from catching her from one of her take offs! Notice Madyson cracking up and Steve a little annoyed 🙂

So because Mady thought it was so funny and Steve saw no humor in it, he gave her the job of holding on to her…..she did better than daddy did!

We finally let her play and run off some energy! She LOVED the slide and probably went down it 100 times.

The other two played on the playground for awhile but then started playing by a really neat tree and exploring around it.