Day 2 of vacation we went shelling with Nana and Papa on Sanibel Island, the kids had a blast. It was a beautiful day and so many things went on that I don’t even know where to start…and pictures, well I took a TON of them. I think I have 300 pictures from today, but it wasn’t hard to pick my picture(s) of the day. The first one is of my mom and the girls, I just love how much she loves them and all she does for us. Madyson and my mom had the most fun today, they both LOVE shells and it was so much fun watching them collect them together. I am glad they got to do this together, I am sure Madyson will always remember this and I hope cherishes the moments like this as she grows up.

And because I couldn’t choose, and the next picture makes my heart smile I had to share it too. I don’t know why, but to see my dad with my kids just makes me happy. I love seeing men with their kids, whether it is a new dad and his itty bitty baby or a Papa and his grandson. I am sure Mason was talking his ear off and being a little annoying but my dad managed to walk all the way down the beach and back with a smile and at the end still talking with him 🙂 I love how Mason is smiling, he is so happy to have alone time with Papa.