Well we have arrived in Florida, although it was late when we got here and a little bit chilly…but NO snow! The kids woke up early this morning and were anxious to get going, our flight wasn’t until 1:50 though so I am sure you can imagine how 6:30am until 11:30am went with the kids asking “how much longer”. When we finally arrived at the airport the kids were so excited to see all the planes and loved watching them out on the tar mat as they got into there positions. Madyson was anxious to board and take off, but then when we did board and take off she cried 🙁 she was so scarred that we were going to crash and die. I felt bad for her but it was hard to do much with a wiggly Myleigh on my lap and Mason in between us as she had wanted the window seat. After a few minutes I finally convinced her she was safe and she calmed down and the rest of the flight went very smoothly for the older kids…Myleigh was rough for the first half but then fell asleep and was an angel.

The kids love the house my parents have down here, although they are anxious to get in the pool tomorrow. Madyson also wanted to know how long we were going to be in Florida and when we would be going back home to America and Ohio, I couldn’t help but chuckle at her as Mason LOUDLY explained we were still in America. Gotta love her!

Not sure what’s in store for tomorrow, hopefully some sunshine.

Day 14