SNOW, COLD, and NO School! It was a long day in the house with the kids as I was trying to get things packed up to leave for sunny Florida tomorrow, but I did manage to get a little help out of them in between playing. I was packing up some little outfits from my studio for Myleigh to wear on the beach and gathering camera equipment when Mason found this hat, I told him it was too small for him but he didn’t care. He said he loved it and wanted it to be his, he wore it all day. So when I was sitting around thinking about what I could take a picture of for today he said “take my picture in my cool new hat”. How could I resist? So we went outside to capture some snow and his “cool” new hat.

Tomorrow we will be in Florida 🙂 So look for some pictures of fun in the sun! Stay warm Ohio friends and I will see what I can do about bringing the sun home with me in a week.

Day 13