Today was a big day for Mason, it was his very first basketball game! He was so excited and anxious to get there, all the way reciting all of the rules and how he was going to play. Now if you know Mason, you know he has played T-ball and Soccer in the past and both of which he would whine when it came time to go to practice or play in a game. I am thrilled that we have found something he likes, note I said likes not that he is good at………we have some stuff to work on 😉

A few funny things that happened today at the game…..First he played defense the ENTIRE time, Second if he was open he made sure to tell the opposing teams player that was supposed to be blocking him “hey aren’t you supposed to be blocking me”, Third in the middle of the game he ran off of the court over to me because he wanted a drink, and Fourth is what the picture is showing…..Mason yelling to me in the middle of the game “Hey MOM, my friend Turner and Coach Bob are here! They are on the other team Mom, did you see?!”. Coach Bob was Mason’s very first Tball coach and Turner is his son. I love my son 🙂 He is always good for a chuckle.