Ok so the 365 part of this is not really true as I know I have missed a few days, I just felt like nothing exciting has been happening and I didn’t want to bore everyone. But I have been told that people enjoy reading about my life and what funny things my kids are up to so as to not disappoint here is another post.

I had parent teacher conferences today for Mady and Mason, and I am so proud of both of them. They have struggled in school since kindergarten but it seems like everything is starting to click for them now and they are exceeding their teachers expectations and making me one proud mommy. Madyson’s teacher was talking to me about her reading tonight and telling me how much better she is doing and I happened to mention that Mady has started writing her own books and they are pretty cute. She has a series of Chuck the Duck books and a couple of The Poodle whose name was Noodle books started too. Well Mady was so excited to talk about her books that Mrs.Galloway asked her to bring them in and share them with the class, so tomorrow she picked her 5 favorite and will be reading them to the class. I am so proud of her!