Phew! I didn’t know if I would get this up in time but looks like I am going to make it just in time. I had so many different opportunities to take a picture for today, some missed opportunities and some I got. I started this day with signing Mason up for Hoops for Him, a local basketball organization put on by a local church. At sign ups they got to go out and shoot some hoops and dribble the ball some, and I was so sad that I had not brought my camera because he looked so cute out there and was having so much fun. So when I took Madyson to the theaters to see Chipwrecked I brought my camera to do a picture there for my picture today. It was very cute and I had all intentions of using that one until I got home from my evening out with some friends and went to kiss them goodnight. They looked so cute all snuggled up and sleeping. I have always LOVED watching my children sleep, I could lay next to them for hours and stare at them as they are in their little dream lands. Madyson has the most beautiful eye lashes and always sleeps with her mouth just slightly open, and is always so still in her sleep. And Myleigh is still so little that I go in her room many times after she is put to bed each night just to pick her up and snuggle with her for a few minutes as she rest her head on my chest and sinks into my arms, I can’t help but smile. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby in your arms even at almost 2 years old, I just love it. She always has her little pink bunny in her grasp and her binky in her mouth. So tonight I grabbed my camera and took a picture of my girls snug in their beds dreaming sweet dreams, looking so sweet and peaceful. Mason is at a friends house tonight, I am sure they are all still up playing games or watching star wars, so his sleepy picture will have to come another night 🙂

Good night all!