We had our first trip to the eye doctor today after school. I figured since my husband started wearing glasses in grade school and I now wear glasses (as of today), I should get the twins eyes checked. They were excited to go, especially Mason. All the way to the doctor Mason was talking about one of his best friends Caden, and how he wears glasses and was hoping he would get a pair too so they could look alike.

So we walk in and they take us right back, when does that ever happen? We all cram in this tiny room, and Myleigh of course is not wanting to sit on my lap but on their lap in the exam chair. Mason went first and it started out great…..and then he had to read the letters. My jaw hit the ground and I was a little embarrassed thinking oh my gosh does he really not know his alphabet in second grade or is he that blind! He was just rambling random letters, usually H, or he would read all the letters just not in order. So then I think oh my he must be dyslexic, maybe that’s why he struggles in school. No, WRONG! He was messing up on purpose so that he could “trick” the doctor and get glasses just like CADEN! The doctor wasn’t tricked, he knew what Mason was doing right away and was so good at keeping the experience positive and good for them. I was very impressed, because I wanted to yank him out of the chair and run out the door with how completely ridiculous he was sounding 🙂 Madyson on the other hand did fabulous and was eager to do whatever the doctor asked as best as she could….my little angel.

So my pictures today are of the kids and their first eye exams, I won’t forget this day ever and when Mason gets older and if he ever has to wear glasses and he complains about them…….I will remind him how bad he once wanted them.

Day 6