I love my girls! How many of you still hang out with your friends from grade school?? I have a couple of girls that I have been friends with since I was in kindergarten and I am so happy that we are still GREAT friends! For the last couple of years we have made “girls nights” a regular thing, and try to do them once every month to six weeks, get dressed up and go to dinner and a movie. I love my girls nights, and am so thankful to all of our husbands for letting us do this without any complaints as they stay home with the kids and “babysit” as my husband says.

Tonight we went to see The Vow, a total chic flick and a tear jerker all in one so you know it had to be good. We all loved it and agree that Channing Tatum could make us fall in love with him over and over again and it would be just fine! Seriously though it was a wonderful movie and did you know that it is actually based off of a true story?? I am happy to say that in real life the couple that inspired this movie are still together and have 2 boys! Gotta love a happy ending. 

My girls and I AFTER our night out…..after crying and smearing all of our make up…….and after making my husband get out of bed to take my blog picture for me……Thank you Steven!