So if you have been reading these blog posts you may remember the other night when I posted the pictures from Madyson’s room of her art work…….we have another piece of artwork. You see Papa came over yesterday with a dollar for her and bought 4 pictures from her which completely made her day. So today after school her and Taylor got right to work on more pictures to sell……..only instead of a quarter they have them priced anywhere from $10 to $50! That is some expensive construction paper 😉 When my mom came over today Mady tried to get her to buy a picture of a flower for $10.75, it had the price tag attached. Needless to say my mom didn’t buy it and it is still up for grabs if anyone wants it, along with about 20 other pictures. She was nice enough to make me a picture this evening of my favorite picture that my dad had bought, it is of a shooting star. Take a look……..

I love how kids interpret things, don’t you!