Frinkles anyone?? With my parents and grandma on vacation in Florida, I got the pleasure of keeping my nephew Cooper today. Now sometimes Cooper LOVES coming and playing at my house and sometimes he HATES it! I wanted him to feel special and be excited about it….you know be the cool fun Aunt, so I told him last night that he could help me make a cake for Myleigh today. He was so excited about it, he talked about it all night last night and all day today! So when Myleigh took her nap this afternoon Cooper and I made a cake. I had all kinds of stuff for him to decorate the cake and make it as crazy and fun looking as he wanted……..I thought I would regret this as he is 3 and he could’ve said lets just put it all on. But all he wanted was Finkles! Lots and lots of Orange Frinkles, that’s sprinkles for those of you who don’t talk “Cooper”. So I gave him all the sprinkles I had and he spent the next 45 minutes decorating the cake, and in that 45 min he barely put any on but was very careful about where he placed each one. It was so cute watching him and listening to his excitement over making Myleigh’s birthday cake, he is so cute. I am so glad that I am an Aunt!

Day 26