I love that my kids play so well together! Don’t get me wrong they fight and bicker too, but for the most part they really enjoy being together and play really well together. I don’t know if it’s a twin thing or just good parenting :)…..probably a twin thing. When they were little they had a little twin language and would communicate with each other through a babble that only they understood, I loved that babble! Sometimes I wish I could just stop time and keep them this age for a little longer, they are growing up so fast……the babble is long gone, the first teeth have been lost, and the drama has begun. Before I know it they will be driving off in their first car, packing to go to college and getting married……..I can’t wait to see where life takes them but I would be happy if every once in a while I could just push a pause button and enjoy them a little longer at each stage of their lives. I am now going to go upstairs and give my two oldest a great big hug and then go snuggle with Myleigh for awhile.

Day 25