Ooppps, I did it again! Sorry for the missed days, I caught a little bug and have been a little under the weather. But today is sure to make up for it, for my picture tells a very funny story. I don’t know how many of you have kids or are around them much, but I LOVE the things that they come up with and their reasoning behind it. If only life were as simple and straight forward as it is in a kids mind.

On the way home from dance class tonight Mason looked out the window and saw a full moon which for some reason he was REALLY excited about and wanted me to pull over just so I could see it……as if it were going to disappear before we got home! Well the moon must have got Madyson thinking and she said “Mom, if all the wolves died off and went extinguished would there be no more moon?” I said “No, there would still be a moon. Why do you ask that?” She said matter of factly “Well the moon is for the wolves to howl at and if there were no more wolves then why would the moon need to be out? What if someone blew up the moon would that kill all the wolves? They wouldn’t have anything left to live for.” I love her, it’s a good thing she’s cute!

So when we got home I took her picture holding the moon as best I could to always remember the wolf and the moon story, I will want to remind her and her kids of it one day and this will be a great way to remember it when I am old and forgetful.