It was a big day today…….Myleigh went almost ALL day without her bink, Madyson trotted her pony bareback, and Mason cleaned his room without being asked!!! What a lucky mommy I am, my kids are amazing and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Being a mom is the best job ever and I am so glad that I am able to do it, I pray for all of the women out there who are trying to achieve their goal in becoming a mommy because I know it doesn’t come easy for all and sometimes unfortunately never happens for others. My heart and prayers are with you all, especially my good friend Amanda.  Amanda needs some prayers to get through some roadblocks so if you have a free minute please think of her and her family, I know she will appreciate it.

So beyond having amazing kids I also have 2 amazing parents! Today my parents surprised me with some roses and a sweet little note, it made my day and I am so happy! Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there and encouraging me in all I do.