WOW! I am embarrassed to see that it has been almost a month since my last blog post, my poor neglected blog. I have been so busy over the last month with sessions, I have met a lot of new clients and got to visit with some old, it has been great. Thank you all for keeping me busy and for allowing me to help capture your memories and turn them in to art that will last a lifetime.

I was really sad to see this little girl come in for her 1 year session, I have photographed her since she was 8 days new and every 3 months since. She has always been a joy to photograph and is so cute and sweet, I have enjoyed watching her grow over the last year. I remember seeing her for the first time, she was so little and had crazy hair and was such a good little sleeper and now still a little peanut with a little more tame hair she is still so sweet and I will for sure miss her little visits. I am crossing my fingers that a little brother or sister will be in her near future.

Happy Birthday Amelia Mae!