I got to meet this wonderful family right before Christmas when daddy surprised them with a quick visit home for the holidays! When Hollie called and asked if I could squeeze her in while her husband was home so he could be a part of her maternity session there was no question, I would make it happen. I have a soft spot for military families and my hat is off to them, so whatever I can do to get them some great memories to hold on to while they are away from each other I will do. Jeremy will be in Afghanistan until September and will not see his baby girl until she is 5 months old (tear). I can’t imagine how Hollie and her boys will feel as there family gains a new member while missing daddy so much. It will be a great day when they all get to be together. Thank you Jeremy and Hollie for all you do for our country, you are both wonderful people. My prayers are with you, I wish for a safe delivery for your daughter and a safe return home for daddy. Thanks for letting me be a part of this very important and memorable time in your life, big hugs to all.