Wow, What an amazing year 2013 turned out to be for me. I really can not believe how amazingly well my business is going in the 3 short years since I started this journey, I really have found my dream job……in fact it doesn’t even seem like a job most of the time. You all probably know that my passion and my heart is in my newborns, I absolutely love and look forward to every one of my babies and love that I get to do it so often. This year I was blessed to be able to capture beautiful images of 143 precious little babes! And then many of them I have gotten to see throughout the year as they have grown for milestone sessions, 6 month olds are probably my second favorite age to photograph (in case you were wondering).

The biggest accomplishment for me in 2013 was building a new studio, well actually my amazingly loving dad built it and I can’t thank him enough (although I did my best with a pretty great Christmas gift). I never would have thought that building a 900 sq ft studio would have been possible or at least this soon into business. Everyday I go out to my studio and I can’t help but smile, it truly is my happy place. I love going out there and setting up for my sessions, organizing (and re-organizing), cleaning, working, and just sitting out there and reflecting. It is such a beautiful space to capture beautiful images for my clients, and hopefully my clients find it a comfortable and homey space to relax and enjoy the experience. Please check it out and feel free to leave some blog love to my dad about what an amazing job he has done.


And now on to 2014, can you believe I haven’t forgotten yet and wrote 2013 on anything this last week! This year is going to be full of fun new adventures for me and my business, I pray that I can keep a good balance between work and family with all of these new changes. I have been asked many times over the last year if I’d mentor or do workshops, and for a long time I was flattered but I knew I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t want to be responsible for teaching new photographers what I knew until I knew I would be able to really make a difference in there work and abilities. But now, after shooting over 250 newborns in the last 3 years and attending a few workshops myself to improve my skills I feel like I am ready to share my knowledge and skills with others. So I have a few dates available for 1:1  or 1:2 mentoring at my studio and have a few workshops planned for New York (only 1 spot left), Florida and Pennsylvania. Please email me at if you would be interested in more information or securing a seat, there are only 5 seats available for each workshop.