Setting up my Columbus, OH studio for a newborn photography session is always a task, one that takes way longer than you might think but one I love to do this task. I love creating new setups and making images that will be heirloom quality and be loved for generations that means attention to detail, textures, and most importantly not overpowering the baby and keeping the baby the focus of all the images. When I am setting up for a session I review the questionnaire the parents filled out to see what colors they love or want, what if any props they may want me to use, and what their decorating style is, and from that I just start creating and try to follow a flow that will make all the images look amazing together!

I had so much fun with Kylah’s session though I was nervous that she’d be able to do it all knowing she was already 10 weeks old (she was born 8 weeks premature) and sometimes being out of the womb that long even when born early they just don’t like to curl up or be messed with too much while they are sleeping. Well, Kylah didn’t disappoint, she came in sleeping and ready for her modeling debut! Check out all the amazing newborn images I was able to capture of this sweet beautiful baby girl! I don’t think I could have asked for or delivered a more beautiful newborn session.