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Kids are cute, ain’t they? – but they really do grow up so fast. Take it from a parent who knows. One day you’re changing diapers and watching your little cutie coo and giggle without saying words. Then you turn around, and you have a moody teenager upstairs.

Okay, maybe it’s not as quick as all that. But childhood does go quickly, and it’s worth crafting a deliberate experience for you and your child.

Studio photography is often a part of that. It’s not that you’re running down to the studio every week, or obsessing about just the right shot every time your baby opens his or her eyes…

However, some landmark studio photography is a great asset when you’re older and looking back at your busiest parenting years and the peak cuteness of your progeny.

Letting Us Help

At Whimsy Lane Studios, we take childhood photography very seriously. Of course, we have fun, too!

All that to say we really love working with kids and it shows. We put work into combining the right resources to make the most of your child’s studio visit. It’s not just point-and-click – we have wardrobe assistance and much more to get your kiddo’s best side every time.

Dimples to Darling Packages

We also have the flexibility for family budgets. For example, our Dimples to Darling package combines four sessions with a total cost of $250 – a good value when compared to single sessions.

With Dimples to Darlings, we photograph your baby at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months for a great survey of overall growth and an excellent timeline to hang on the wall!

As mentioned, we help with styling wardrobe, and much more.

We do all this as experienced parents who know the value of photo-documenting your child’s journey through life. When you combine that with an excellent approach to maintaining a safe and happy household, you build a lifetime of memories that have real value, especially in today’s world. We know that value! We are here to help you plan as you do the most important job of your life – raising your child! Get in touch for practical and fun family photography…

Look back at the blog for more on how we assist families with preserving memories for the ages. We really are in the photo-document age, and we’re happy to be a part of this process for our many client families who want to look back fondly on those early years.