Happy Monday!! The kids are back in school and my wonderful grandma has come over to play with Myleigh so that I can EDIT, EDIT, EDIT! I am editing some yummy babies today from the weekend, I so love my job!

I had in mind a picture for today, but then Myleigh was being so cute I just had to take her picture and it’s just to cute not to share. Now I don’t normally encourage the jumping on furniture, especially my NEW furniture, but as cute as it is in the picture it was 1000x cuter in person. Myleigh came out from playing dolls with Grammy to give me kisses 🙂 and then started jumping from the couch to the ottoman all while yelling 1,2,3 JUMP and then landing with the biggest belly laugh. I was laughing so hard at her, I couldn’t tell her to stop and my laughing was all the encouragement she needed to do it over and over again. It’s these little moments that I want to always remember, so I thought this would be perfect for my 365.

I hope you all enjoy this image of my spunky little 23 month old! Have a wonderful Monday.

Day 9