I was going to go to bed this evening and not worry about doing a picture of the day, because frankly the whole day has made my head hurt! Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of things that happened throughout the day to make me smile, such as Myleigh being silly this morning while playing with Bella and belly laughing so hard that it was contagious or Madyson loping her pony and doing a good job getting after her when she would kick out or even Mason reading his chapter book to me in such a fluent tone. That was all perfect and makes me smile just thinking about it, but today was also the day that I took are cute little guinea pig babies to the pet store and felt terrible leaving them behind and then listening to the kids cry when I got home 🙁 I felt horrible but we are way to out numbered by pets in this house. And then for the last 6 hours I have been working on something new for the business and it has to do with computers and programming and well that is not my area of expertise. It will be awesome when it’s done and I can’t wait to share and thanks to a wonderful lady in San Diego that is on one of my facebook forums it should be done in just a few days 🙂 So stay tuned for something new!!! But for now I am off to take some Ibuprofen and head to bed!!