My brother is going to KILL me if he follows my posts…….I was a bad girl today. (hehehe)

This is my story…… mom was watching my nephew Cooper this morning and happened to stop by for a little visit, after all I am her favorite and it is Valentines day 😉 Myleigh was very excited to see Cooper and play with him and he was actually excited to play with her as well, this rarely happens. So as Myleigh and Cooper were playing she decides it is time to put on a princess dress, which I helped her with……..and then………she thought that Cooper needed a dress too! I didn’t think he would do it but he did, so I let him….after all who am I to tell him he can’t be a princess too. I just went and got my camera like a good Aunt and Sister would do, these are the priceless moments we live for after all.  But I do have to be honest, once he got it on and looked down at himself he looked back at me and said “I think I’d rather just be SpiderMan”!!! I laughed at him and told him he had to pose for a picture first so again he did it, which I was again surprised because he NEVER lets me take a good picture of him. All I can say is BLACKMAIL…………or payback is hell and I better watch out for Curt may not be very nice to me!!!

Happy Valentines Day!