Who doesn’t love a fun pair of mud boots?? I was shopping today with my mom and Myleigh for some new photo props and founds these adorable boots, so of course I HAD to get them…………and matching dresses for the girls too! This is just a little teaser of whats to come! I see a photoshoot in our future, and it is going to be so cute! I have a little bit of prep work to do to get ready and then I just need to wait for the perfect day. The girls are loving their new boots, and Myleigh thinks it is so neat that her and Mady have matching boots. She was wearing them all around the house this evening and yelling at Madyson in cave baby talk to put her boots on and follow her, it was so cute.

I LOVE fun photoshoots, especially with accessories as cute as these! Stay tuned people, it’s bound to be pinned on pinterest! (by me!)

Oh and doesn’t Myleigh have the cutest chubbiest little knees?!

Day 38