I LOVE PERSEVERANCE! Today was a day of overwhelming joy and I was so honored to be a part of it and celebrate this miracle baby.  I have known Nikki since kindergarten, the cute little red head with the pony tail, bows and dresses that used to LOVE NKOTB and has been crushing on Justin since we were in Junior high. I have so many memories from our childhood and am so happy to have a friend that is so sweet and kind and has always been such a bright light, always shining, loving life and dancing to her own beat.

Two years ago my friend called me to tell me she was pregnant with twins, and things were looking scarey for them. She called me for support and wanted to talk to someone who has been there……..only I have never been to where her journey took her and JJ. Unfortunately the twin sons she carried were lost and were followed by 5 more miscarriages over the last 2 years, heart break after heart break my friends NEVER gave up the hope of one day being parents.

And then a trip to California away from all of the stresses of infertility and heart break, just the two of them being together and enjoying life as it was. They knew this would be their last trip without kids for a long time as they had just finished adoption classes to hopefully find their child that would make the happy couple a happy family of 3. Little did they know that all they needed was some fresh California air to beat the odds that they had been facing, because baby Cali (that’s what I have been calling him since she told me she was pregnant), their miracle baby was conceived.

And today at 15 weeks we saw him dance and kick and stretch and yes we saw some little boy parts! Baby boy Jason will be here in June!!!! So I love the perseverance these two have shown without it this baby boy would not be here for us to celebrate.

What ever it takes!!!!!

I love you Nikki and Justin and baby boy Cali!

Day 35

They had a room full of spectators today waiting to celebrate with them.

Justin had this same smile on his face the whole time, he is one proud daddy and husband!

They just found out it’s a BOY! Nikki knew it was a boy, she just had that feeling!

Aren’t they adorable, I can’t wait until he arrives and they are holding their baby instead of his picture.