We had a wonderful and relaxing day today just hanging out at house and playing in the pool. Madyson is a little fish and was probably in the pool for at least 10 hours! She is really getting good at swimming and is so proud of herself. Mason is about as graceful in the water as he is on land….which is not very, but he also is doing great with his swimming and loved showing off to everyone. Myleigh is a little timid of the water, which I don’t mind one bit but also had a good time. She played in the pool this morning for a couple of hours and then took a 4 hour nap! So when she woke up I was anxious to get her back in the pool to wear her out for bed time…I hope it works! I swam some and watched some, as fun as it is in the pool with the kids I also love watching them from the side as they play with their dad or my parents. I love days like this, hanging out with those I love the most and really enjoying each other.

She really did have fun today, this was right after her 4 hour nap so I think she was still in the cuddling trying to wake up stage. I love it though, her big eyes and the gentleness of my dad as he cuddles her. I will love this always and forever!