A little personal share today of my “middle” child, Myleigh! She turned 4 today and she actually let me take her picture…..and not just 1, but a whole little mini session! That NEVER happens with this little girl, she has photographers child syndrome and absolutely despises her picture taken……….unless of course she looks like a rag a muffin. So today when I asked if she would let me do her birthday pictures and she said yes, I hopped on it! I didn’t want to give her a chance to think about it and start throwing a fit……which is what usually happens. She is usually laying down on the ground crying that her clothes are too tight, that her hair isn’t how she likes it, that she is too hungry to smile…..you name it she cries about it. All while I am in tears pleading with her to cooperate, now I am not going to lie, this session ended in tears too…….an outfit change was out of the question! But I am sooooo happy to have some pretty pictures of my pretty little 4 year old!

Happy Birthday Myleigh Jo! Love you!!!!