Planning Maternity, Newborn, and Baby Shoots

What do we do here at Whimsy Lane Studio? We’re really about trying to perfect the art of showcasing your family for posterity, with photography that lasts, with integrity, and in a welcoming way that fits your unique family!

The things that insurance companies and bureaucrats coldly describe as “family events” are so much more than that. The milestone markers are at the real heart of what it means to be a family, and part of the togetherness that we so much cherish with our little ones. It’s an exciting time, and we want to help you to celebrate!

Family First

What that means at Whimsy Lane is that you’re not stepping into a studio where the professional photographer just wants to get people in and out the door. We love babies!

That’s what it means to be family first – taking the time to listen and hear what you want, instead of trying to impose some kind of strange artistic program on kids who are often too little to talk. When the photographer gets too bossy and starts playing around with people (of any age) like they were bricks, it kind of takes away from the experience of being proud of the beautiful family that you have!

Your Journey

Let’s also talk a little bit about what it means to do a range of maternity, newborn, and baby shoots, all the way from the loveliness of maternity to the beauty of toddlerhood.

Documenting the entire journey is really rewarding in and of itself – we see the mom with the beautiful curve in her belly, and then we see this beautiful little package arrive. We then see it blossom and grow into a “real live person” with his or her unique personality, and all along the way, we are creating those visual impressions that the family will treasure in the years to come. That’s worth the care that we take to keep this business running well for our customers. It’s fun, too!

Business Growth

All of this has led us to be able to experience growth in our photography business. You can see the evidence in the name change and how our business has evolved.

We want to be your family photographer! Look for pricing and more on the website, but also read up on our history and how we approach family photography because we’re committed to making it what you want. We want to honor the uniqueness of your family and do that with professionalism and style. It’s not that hard – it’s a great experience.